Welcome To Ben Avon Heights Borough!

Brief Borough History

The Borough of Ben Avon Heights is situated on a hill above the Ohio River just nine miles from the city of Pittsburgh, PA. The approximately two square mile area Borough is primarily a residential community with 142 homes, a lovely community park, and one commercial property, the Shannopin Country Club. Some have described the neighborhood as A Norman Rockwell Kind of Community.

The Borough is governed by a mayor and borough council all of whom serve as elected volunteers. The Borough has a storied past and has included many past mayors and burgesses and well as an interesting history of places where voting has occured.

The current borough real estate tax rate is 7.95 mills and a wage or earned income tax of one half of one percent. The borough’s annual budget is about $500,000. Demographics from 2010 are available.

For a complete history of the formation of Ben Avon Heights Borough, please visit the Borough History page.

Borough News