Ben Avon Heights Centennial Celebration

In June 2013, residents and former residents attended the Centennial events. All attendees seem to agree that it was a great celebration. Below are some pictures to prove that point. Enormous thanks are due the many, many people who in ways large and small made the Centennial a rousing success. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page and add your pictures to the memories there.

Centennial Merchandise

If you missed out on the excitement, there are still ways you can remember the centennial. We have a limited number of calendars, booklets, posters and decals for sale until the end of the year. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items send your check made out to Ben Avon Heights Centennial Committee to Al Grubbs, 21 Briar Cliff Road, Pittsburgh PA 15202.

Prices are as follows:

  • Centennial Booklet - $10
  • Limited edition signed and numbered Centennial Logo prints - $20
  • Centennial decals - $5
  • Centennial Calendars -$5

We are adding all the comments from centennial visitors to the House Histories project and will have a Centennial CD with the histories and some other material available in September . The CD will be $10.

Your Centennial Committee

  • Arlene and Al Grubbs – Co-chairs
  • Kim and Rick Cuneo
  • Dawn Kaelin Gunning
  • Stefanie Keelan
  • Julie Kolenda
  • Bill Penrod
  • Colleen Quinn
  • Nancy Simon
  • Michael Weir
  • Matt Wensel


The Centennial Committee would like to thank the following Centennial Underwriters:

  • Ben Avon Heights Borough Council
  • Ben Avon Heights Community Club
  • Cummins Family
  • Dr. Richard Dahar
  • Fred Dietz Floral
  • Scott Dismukes Family
  • Donald Dunn
  • Eckert, Seamans, Cheron & Mellot
  • The Fire Escape
  • Friends on Wilson Drive
  • Eric Heinauer
  • Industrial Terminal Salvage
  • Busatto Family
  • Janet and Tom Jackson
  • Colleen Quinn & Smeraldo Torchia
  • Larry Martin & Matt Wensel
  • Boyd & Brenda Murray
  • Bill & Scott Penrod
  • Bob Wells Family

The Centennial Committee would also make a special thank you to the Ben Avon Area Historical Association who was instrumental in starting the entire Centennial Celebration and who offered support to the steering committee every step of the way.